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Miguel Perform “Sky Walker” And “Come Through and Chill” On “The Late Show”

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 11:53am

Miguel stopped by the “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” last night to perform “Sky Walker.”

Stephen Colbert introduced the song and announced Miguel’s forthcoming album called War & Leisure. And after performing his latest single, gave the audience an extra treat by performing “Come Through and Chill” exclusively for the web.

Watch the two performances below.

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Ex-NFL Player Accuses WNBA Ex-GF Of Physical Abuse, Using Racial Slurs

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 9:09am

Former NFL player Albert Haynesworth accused his ex-girlfriend, former basketball player Brittany Jackson, of repeatedly physically abusing him and calling him racial slurs in a string of tweets today. TMZ reported that Haynesworth tweeted in response to Jackson’s accusations that he wasn’t paying child support for their son, although TMZ doesn’t say where those accusations came from—none of Jackson’s social media accounts made any reference to that as of Wednesday night, and TMZ doesn’t refer to any court records. Haynesworth labeled his tweets “The Ugly Truth about Brittany”:

The Ugly Truth about Brittany. Part 2

— Albert Haynesworth (@haynesworthiii) September 20, 2017

A copy of a police report from January was revealed that seems to describe one of the violent incidents Haynesworth refers to. Early in the morning of Jan. 10, Knox County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call from Haynesworth. He told them that Jackson had been drinking wine and kicked him in the groin twice during an argument. But Jackson had already left the house, and Haynesworth declined to receive medical attention or press charges.

Jackson played four years at the University of Tennessee under coach Pat Summitt, who suffered from Alzheimer’s in the years leading up to her death in 2016. On her website, Jackson describes herself as a “player in the WBNA,” which appears to refer to her brief time in the WNBA. In 2008, she signed a training-camp contract with the Atlanta Dream but was waived a month later, before the season started. In 2010, she was invited to the San Antonio Silverstars’ training camp, but it’s hard to tell how long that lasted and in what capacity—a cutline from a San Antonio Express-News article describes her as playing in a scrimmage that April, but there is no news record of her either signing a contract or being waived. Neither the WNBA itself nor Basketball-Reference has any record of her ever playing in the WNBA.

Jackson was arrested on aggravated assault charges in 2010 for punching a woman, though those charges were ultimately reduced to simple assault. She pleaded guilty. Haynesworth was arrested on a sexual assault charge in 2011 for groping a cocktail waitress. The charge was reduced to simple assault, and he pleaded no contest.

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OKC Police Shoot And Kill Deaf Man Holding A Pipe

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 8:48am

Police in Oklahoma City fatally shot a deaf man Tuesday night who they say was advancing toward them with a metal pipe as witnesses yelled that the man was deaf and could not hear them.

It’s the fifth officer-involved shooting in the city this year, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Officers were responding to a hit-and-run accident around 8:15 p.m., Capt. Bo Mathews, the police department’s public information officer, told reporters Wednesday. A witness of the accident told police a vehicle involved went to a nearby address.

Lt. Matthew Lindsey arrived at the address and encountered 35-year-old Magdiel Sanchez on the porch, who was holding in his right hand a 2-foot metal pipe with a leather loop. Lindsey called for backup and Sgt. Christopher Barnes arrived.

Police ordered Sanchez to drop the weapon and get on the ground, Mathews said. Both officers had weapons drawn — Lindsey had a Taser and Barnes a gun. Sanchez came off the porch and was walking toward Barnes.

“The witnesses also were yelling that this person, Mr. Sanchez, was deaf and could not hear. The officers didn’t know this at the time,” Mathews said.

Both officers fired their weapons at the same time when Sanchez was about 15 feet away from them; more than one shot was fired, the police captain said.

Emergency Medical Services Authority personnel pronounced Sanchez dead at the scene.

“In those situations, very volatile situations, when you have a weapon out, you can get what they call tunnel vision or you can really lock into just the person that has the weapon that’d be the threat against you,” Mathews told reporters.

“I don’t know exactly what the officers were thinking at that point, because I was not there. But they very well could not have heard, you know, everybody yelling, everybody yelling around them.”

Neighbor Jolie Guebara told The Associated Press that Sanchez “always had a stick that he would walk around with, because there’s a lot of stray dogs.”

She heard five or six gunshots before seeing police outside, she told the AP. She lives two houses from where the shooting happened.

Barnes is being placed on paid administrative leave.

It’s being investigated by the department’s homicide unit as a criminal case, as all officer-involved shootings are, Mathews said. The investigators will provide their findings to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office, who will decide if the shooting was justified. Then the police department’s internal affairs will investigate.

Some of the department’s officers wear body cameras, but neither of the two police at the scene were wearing them at the time.

Sanchez had “no criminal history that I could locate,” Mathews said. The car involved in the hit-and-run was driven by Sanchez’s father and Magdiel Sanchez was not in the car at the time.

The two officers are white and Sanchez was Hispanic, Mathews said.

Protests over police shootings, especially of black men, have been ongoing around the country since 2014. Sanchez is the 712th person to be shot and killed by police in the U.S. so far this year

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Child Hit By Foul Ball At Yankees Game, Hospitalized

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 11:23pm

The Yankees and Twins stopped their game briefly in the bottom of the fifth inning after a young girl was apparently hit by a foul ball Todd Frazier hit into the stands.

Frazier immediately dropped down to a squat after seeing where the ball went, and players from both teams stopped to watch as the girl was carried in a man’s arms out of the seating area. Neither the YES Network broadcast nor the Fox Sports North broadcast showed the ball going into the stands, but they did show a lot of distressed ballplayers.

Major League Baseball mandated that netting be extended to at least each dugout before the 2016 season. During the 2015 season, a fan at Fenway Park was hit with and seriously injured by a broken bat.

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‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucka’ Star Bernie Casey Dead At 78

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 10:35pm

Bernie Casey, the former NFL star known for his work in the films ‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucka’ and ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, died on Tuesday in Los Angeles after a brief illness, news reports have confirmed. He was 78.

Casey made his film debut in the 1969 sequel “Guns of the Magnificent Seven.” He then acted alongside fellow former NFL star Jim Brown in the crime dramas “…tick…tick…tick…” and “Black Gunn.” He played the title role in the 1972 science fiction TV film “Gargoyles,” and then portrayed Tamara Dobson’s love interest in 1973’s “Cleopatra Jones.”

Casey wrote, directed, produced, and starred in “The Dinner,” a 1997 film centering on three black men who discuss slavery, black self-loathing, and homophobia. That same year, he loosely portrayed a version George Jackson, a member of the Black Panther Party who was killed, in the drama “Brothers.”

In Martin Scorsese’s “Boxcar Bertha,” he played a heroic former slave and train robber, and then a recurring character in Bond films, CIA agent Felix Leiter. In 1981, he portrayed a detective opposite another former NFL player-turned-actor, Burt Reynolds, in “Sharky’s Machine,” which was directed by Reynolds. The two worked together a few years later on “Rent-a-Cop.”

His prolific acting career also included films such as “Revenge of the Nerds,” “Black Chariot,” “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” “In the Mouth of Madness,” “The Glass Shield,” “Mr. Hyde,” “Once Upon a Time … When We Were Colored,” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” On television, he was in “Roots: The Next Generations,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and “Bay City Blues.”

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Dave East Talks Friendship with Drake, Announces “Paranoia 2” Album [Watch]

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 5:57pm

Harlem-bred MC Dave East is no stranger to real lyricism, so in his latest interview with Canada’s own Montreality, he opens the interview quoting his favorite artist’s line- Nas.

But it wasn’t all lyrics and quotes, Dave also took some time out to discuss his friendship with Drake and the possibility of an upcoming collaboration.

“Me and Drake linked in Miami, we been chopping it up ever since, he really a genuine dude and we got some music on the way. I was about to come to OVO Fest this year, Drake knows ways to get me in the country (Canada). I feel like Drake one of the best rappers in this sh*t, I wanna see how he rap with me on the joint. He can rap, a lotta people can’t rap, a lotta people not gonna make you rewind them, but you gonna rewind Drake.”

Dave also took time to address his influences and revealed to fans that his highly anticipated album Paranoia 2 will be dropping soon.

“Y’all the first people I’m telling this to, Paranoia 2 on the way. Before Halloween I’mma come with Paranoia 2 and then it’s album time, my real debut, end of the year – top of the year. But yeah, Paranoia 2 on the way.”

Crediting Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, and Snoop as his influences, East also explained why he’s different than everyone else putting out music right now, citing that the love of Hip-Hop is greater than dominating the club.

“I grew up on all the older dudes, the old heads or whatever you call it. Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop, Biggie, Jadakiss. I don’t feel like what me and 21 Savage do is the same thing, it’s rap but it’s different tempos to it, me and Uzi do different shit. I’m more into lyricism. My focus never was the club.”

Although East isn’t concerned on making club records, his recent collaboration with French Montana and DJ Kay Slay, “Rose Shower” is definitely going to get the club jumping.

The song appears on DJ Kay Slay’s upcoming project The Big Brother,  which also features appearances by Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates, Tech9Ne, The Game, Dave East, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Scarface and Jadakiss among many other.

DJ Kay Slay’s The Big Brother will be released on 9-22-17

Check out the video below.

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NBA Talk: Sorry Cleveland, Brooklyn’s First Round Pick Might Not Be Worth Much

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:45pm

In a trade that shakes up the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers dealt point guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics for a package including point guard Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and a 2018 first-round draft pick. Boston refused to send that Brooklyn’s 2018 first round pick for Paul George to Indiana. Chicago wanted that pick for Jimmy Butler, but Boston wasn’t trying to hear it. Maybe that pick is losing value by the day, thanks to the confidence of the Brooklyn Nets and how they might not be that awful after all.

Started From The Bottom 
The Nets were the worst team in the NBA last year by four games, finishing just 20-62. When that painful season ended, Brooklyn GM Sean Marks took some dramatic steps to improve the roster.

D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov were acquired from the Lakers in a trade for Brook Lopez and the No. 27 pick in the draft. DeMarre Carroll was acquired from the Raptors for a trade exception. Allan Crabbe was acquired from the Trail Blazers for a trade exception.

Russell now becomes the new leading man in Brooklyn. Crabbe and Carroll are each useful 3-and-D style wings, even if both are considered to be overpaid. Mozgov is another player on a bad contract, but he can at least add veteran stability to the Brooklyn front court.

Add those new additions to a roster that already includes guard Jeremy Lin, young wings Caris LeVert, Sean Kilpatrick, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and a solid veteran forward in Trevor Booker, and suddenly the Nets look OK.

Strength In Numbers By Being An OutKast 
The Brooklyn Nets have now become the new ” trust the process” team. Nets leadership , like the Obama administration, took over a mess of a situation and are trying to weather that storm. The main objective this season is to not finish in the bottom five of the league. On paper, I believe they can improve the team’s win total by 10-14 games. When a living legend, like Magic Johnson, calls you out and challenges your leadership skills, you become that much more motivated to prove him and the critics wrong.

The 2017-2018 Brooklyn Nets will be a bad of misfits looking to find their way. Sorry Cavs fans, that first round pick will not be a top 3 or top 5 pick. The Nets really has nothing to lose and should have confidence to start their season. Let ESPN and Fox Sports tell you that the Nets will be the worst team in the league. I’m here to tell you they will be bad, not awful.

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Peep an Interactive Map of New York City in the ’80s

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:42pm

New York City was a decidedly different place in the 1980s. Drug crazed and battered by a high homicide rate, the island of Manhattan and the boroughs alike had yet to experience what is now know as gentrification. This primitive form of the city can now be viewed on an interactive map filled with over 800,000 images.

The map makes purveying different areas of the city possible, with snapshots of street corners and monumental or not so monumental buildings and establishments popping up. Showcasing old now shut down stores like V.I.M. which gave way to the designer jean craze and the famed club the Palladium, the 1980s Big Apple was a place of eccentricity.


Peep the vintage map here.

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NFL Talk: Is There An End In Site For The Colin Kaepernick Blackballing?

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:20pm

The NFL is heading into it’s third week of the season and one question still remains.Why isn’t Colin Kaepernick on a NFL roster? With league play down throughout the league, now might be the best chance for an NFL team, to come off their high horse and sign the man.

The Real Reason  Kaepernick Isn’t Signed Yet The NFL is the last of the Mohicans. It’s the last league loaded with old rich white money. Think of it this way, the league has 32 teams. None of the owners are younger than 50. The league’s fan base is over 60% white, while the NFL players are 70% African American. The league doesn’t like to mix politics with it’s sport. There is no money in that for the owners. By Kaepernick’s stance on taking a knee in protest, the owners see it as bringing un warranted drama and attention to the sport. Teams found themselves looking for reasons to not sign Kaepernick, and every last one of them found some. In a league we’re domestic violence, drIving while drunk and substance abuse , can get you suspended for a few games, I can’t understand what else to call this situation other than blackballing. What the owners don’t understand is today is a new day. Gone are the days we’re we would just sit back and allow our players and heroes to stand alone. today is the age of social media. With social media comes social activism. Just like Kaepernick taking a knee can go viral, a single tweet or a rally, like the one that took place in front of NFL headquarters last month, can cause an uproar of support for any cause. Old ways don’t open new doors. The league knows it’s blackballing of Kaepernick will not end well in terms of viewership, attendance and all out support from the African American community if this continues. Will Kaepernick Get Signed To An NFL Team This Season? Collin Kaepernick didn’t win a Super Bowl, but he has played in one. With so much awful quarterback play throughout the league and numerous quarterbacks voicing their opinion, it’s not a matter of if Kaepernick will get signed but when?

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Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Is Pop Culture Goodness

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:18pm

Alessandro Michele’s crazy inventive brain revitalized Gucci and he’s back at it again with another season of pop culture referencing fashion. Apart of Milan Fashion Week, Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was held in a venue strewn with ornamental art; mummies, sphinxes and Grecian statues decorated the Gucci headquarters. The show took inspiration from “the act of creation as an act of resistance”.

Tracksuits, glamoured up dresses, embellished vests and silky shorts all made appearances on the runway. Gucci’s signature style of bold graphics was employed and the likes of the world famous and instantly recognizable characters Bugs Bunny, Snow White were printed onto sweaters. Also referencing Evil Knievel, a stuntman getup appeared evoking the legendary daredevil. A Marlboro cigarette inspired logo sweatshirt further proved Michele is an expert at creating name brand graphical goodness. Refrencing both the 70’s disco and 80’s era, the silhouettes and colors seen were decidedly vintage. Ostentatious accessories were designated to most looks, big shades and chunky necklaces showed out.


Check out a gallery of some of the key pieces below.

In other news, Gucci is now in official collaboration with Harlem idol Dapper Dan.

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King Wayz Wants All Eyez On Him

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:06pm

King Wayz is back and he’s here to make sure that everyone is watching.

As Wayz gears up for the release of his Split Personality EP, he channels his inner Tupac Shakur with his latest visual “All Eyez On Me”. “Ain’t never been f*cked over, King Wayz’ celibate”, the West coast emcee raps over the funky beat. He flashes his money, cars, and beautiful women throughout the video to make sure that all eyes are on him.

Hit the play button above to give the record a spin

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Mystikal Indicted On Rape Charge, Bail Upped To $3M

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:00pm

Michael Tyler aka Mystikal is about to do another stretch behind bars.

Mystikal was indicted in the rape charge that he was arrested for last month after he was accused of kidnapping and raping a woman at a Shrevport, Louisiana concert in October titled “Legends Of Southern Hip Hop.

When Tyler surrendered last month, his bail was $2 million. Prosecutors have upped the ante, raising his bail to a whopping $3 million.

A man named Averweone Darnell Holman is also being held on $3 million bail for first degree and second degree kidnapping. A 42 year old woman by the name of Tenichia Monieck Wafford is being held on obstruction of justice charges for allegedly attempting to persuade witnesses not to testify in court. She’s being held on a $500K bond.

The Caddo County, Louisiana Circuit Court has yet to determine

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Offset Honors His Grandma by Donating $500,000 to Cancer Research

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 2:51pm

Offset donated $500,000 to the American Cancer Society. His generous donation was motivated by the loss of his grandmother who lost a life battle to cancer, and was one of his coaches the rapper explained.

It was really tough losing my grandma to cancer and one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my life. She motivated me to do my best and go for it; one of my biggest coaches.

The organization shared the news via Instagram with a picture of Offset surrounded by a bunch of young, smiling faces.

Rapper @offsetyrn, of the chart-topping hip-hop trio @Migos, is raising $500,000 for our organization. He is honoring his grandmother by raising funds to help promote cancer prevention and access to care in underserved communities. In addition, money raised through this effort will also help fund an ACS Research Grant focused on bladder cancer research. #ACSxOffset

A post shared by The American Cancer Society (@americancancersociety) on Sep 19, 2017 at 1:25pm PDT

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10 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written by The Dream

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 12:28pm

The-Dream has been the go-to guy behind-the-scenes of the R&B game for well over a decade. He has penned songs for the likes of Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and many more prominent singers. It’s general music knowledge that The Dream is behind Riri’s “Umbrella”, Bey’s “Single Ladies”, and J. Holiday’s “Bed”, but The Source is going to celebrate his birthday today by listing 10 songs that you wouldn’t even guess he he has writing credit for.

1. “Cheetah Love” by the Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls installments are memorable for their catchy songs that promote unity and girl power. But who would have known that The Dream was behind the song “Cheetah Love” alongside his creative brother Tricky Stewart.

2. “Girlfriend” by Bow Wow and Omarion

It’s no denying that Bow and O had the hits back in the day. They released a collaborative album called Face Off in 2007 that spawned the single “Girlfriend”. The single debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 82 and peaked at number 33. Guess who is a credited songwriter on this beloved throwback? The birthday boy!

3. “Jam (Turn It Up)” by Kim Kardashian

Remember that time Kim attempted to pursue a music career and dropped only one song? Well, that one song was written by The Dream. I know what you’re thinking, but money talks! Go collect them coins Dream.

4. “Moving Mountains” by Usher

One of Usher’s most successful ballads was not only co-written by The Dream, but he also co-produced it.

5. “Suffocate” by J. Holiday

By the sounds of the catchy hook and repition, you can safely assume that The Dream wrote J. Holiday’s “Bed”. But did you know he also wrote “Suffocate”?

6. “Fashion Killa” by ASAP Rocky

When you come across this song on the list you probably won’t be surprised that The Dream was behind this. The repetitive, catchy “Her pistol go ‘bang-bang, boom-boom, pop-pop,” is the signature that gives it away.

7. “Heaven” by JAY-Z featuring Justin Timberlake

If you need a measurement of how long The Dream’s money is, or how influential he is, he’s out here writing hooks for Justin Timberlake. That is all.

8. “No Church in the Wild” by JAY-Z and Kanye West

The recipe for a masterpiece is Hov, Ye, Dream, James Brown, the guitarist of Roxy Music, and five more musicians. Apparently Frank Ocean took the lead vocals, but The Dream also contributed some unaccredited ones.

9. “Coffee Shop” by Yung Joc

Before the Love and Hip Hop shenanigans people used to actually listen to Yung Joc. The Dream has songwriting credit for this song, and if you listen closely, you can hear his unaccredited vocals on the hook.

10. “Wamp Wamp (What It Do) by Clipse featuring Slim Thug

Before pursuing a solo career, Pusha T was half of the group Clipse with his brother, No Malice. Their song “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)” was produced by The Neptunes and co-written by The-Dream.

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BET Digital Announces New Horror Series, ‘The Last One’

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 11:38am

BET Digital is ready to make you scream.

Just in time for Halloween, Black Entertainment Television is launching an original, digital horror series, “The Last One.”

The press release describes the series’, directed by Kenny Gage, premise:

“Four friends Gabby, Rashan, Aisha and Cameron get stranded on the side of the road. While waiting for help they talk about the ghost stories and urban legends that terrified them as children. For Rashan it was Bloody Mary; for Cameron the Boogeyman; for Aisha the scary story of the Hitchhiker who wanted more than just a ride. Finally a Good Samaritan offers to help them with their car and they follow him back to his house but he is not who he appears to be.”

You’ll have to tune in to see who survives, and is the last one standing.

Ray J and rapper Casey Veggies will make cameos in the five episode series along with newcomers Stephen Barrington as Cameron, Trevon Davis as Rashan, Morgan Alexandria as Aisha, Perri Camper as Gabbyand Kirk Brown as The Hitchhiker.

“The Last One” launches on Friday, October 13 exclusively on

Will you tune in?

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Trump Vows To “Totally Destroy North Korea” If Threatened

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 8:32am

Donald Trump has used his first address to the UN General Assembly to make clear that the US may have no choice but to “totally destroy” North Korea.

With North Korean diplomats sitting just yards from him, Mr Trump said he will have no option to resort to such actions if Pyongyang does not halt the development of its nuclear weapons programme.

In perhaps the most striking piece of sabre-rattling yet, Mr Trump said that unless the regime of leader Kim Jong-un backed down, “we will have no choice than to totally destroy North Korea”.

In a reference to Mr Kim and a tweet he had sent at the weekend, the US President claimed the North Korean leader appeared to determined to choose a path of self-destruction.

“Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime,” he said.

He said North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles “threatens the entire world with unthinkable cost of human life.”

In what may have been a veiled prod at China, the North’s major trading partner, Mr Trump said: “It is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with such a regime but would arm, supply and financially support a country that imperils the world with nuclear conflict.”

In a speech that appeared to be aimed as much at middle America as at the world leaders listening to him, Mr Trump spent much of his focus on the issue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme – something his predecessor, Barack Obama, warned would be likely to be his toughest foreign policy challenge.

He said Pyongyang’s increased testing of intercontinental missiles and nuclear payloads, “threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of life”.

“If the righteous many don’t confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph,” he said as he called the Kim regime “depraved” and detailed several egregious human rights violations including the death of 22-year-old American college student Otto Warmbier.

Shortly before Trump’s speech, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appealed from the General Assembly lectern for statesmanship to avoid war with North Korea.

“We must not sleepwalk our way into war,” said Guterres, the former prime minister of Portugal.

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DMX is Clean and Sober But Staying in Rehab

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 8:21am

DMX has been responding well to rehab according to his lawyer, Murray Richman. Richman says X has put on a solid 40lbs since starting the program in August. He reassures that the legendary rapper is “back to being human again”.

Although the program is almost complete, Richman suggests for X to stay for 30 more days since its had a positive effect on the emcee. X is even granted day visits with a friend to a nearby town.

After hitting a series of bad breaks from his erratic performance at the Ruff Ryders Tour, his federal arrest on tax evasions, and landing house arrest, it’s good to hear that the rap icon is doing well. Maybe we can get the trap music he hinted at sooner than later.

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Teacher Drags Student From Seat For Not Standing For Pledge Of Allegiance

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 8:04am

A young Michigan student exercising his right to pass on standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance was dragged out his seat for doing so.

Listen to hear more about this story. If this was your child what would you do? What should the punishment be for the teacher?

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JAY-Z and Kanye West Reportedly Plan to Meet Face-to-Face to Squash Beef

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 8:00am

Things have not been peaches and cream between JAY-Z and Kanye West for a while. There’s no telling how long the feud has been going on, but it became apparent that there was trouble in paradise after Ye went on a rant during his Saint Pablo Tour and came for Beyonce and Blue Ivy, and you know Hov is a geek about his family.

So one thing led to another and Ye parted ways from Tidal, and hit them with a $3.5 million lawsuit. Hov told his side of the story during the Rap Radar interview with Elliot Wilson, but there hasn’t been much chatter about the beef until now.

TMZ reports that Hov and Ye are scheduled to meet face-to-face with intentions to bury the hatchet. As one source put it, “The Generals [Kanye and Jay] have to meet face-to-face. When that happens, the resolving the money dispute is a piece of cake.”

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IDK Drops “Baby Scale” Video

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 9:02pm

IDK, formerly known as Jay IDK, just dropped the video his new single “Baby Scale.”

The rapper told Pigeons&Planes: “it’s just to show people balance. I don’t think there’s any new rapper more versatile in the rap genre than me. The full version of ‘Baby Scale’ is a reflection of that. The video was run and gun. I wanted to keep it simple. Part of it was shot where my mom and cousin STP were buried.”

Watch the visual below.

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