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Goapele Releases Visual for “Stay” Featuring BJ The Chicago Kid

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 12:51pm

After the release of her EP Dreamseeker, Goapele is now back with a visual accompanying one of the tracks – “Stay.”

Featuring BJ the Chicago Kid, the video was directed by Sean Alexander through a smokey filter. The abstract video follows a lonely Goapeleas she picks up the pieces of a broken mirror, singing “right here’s where you belong with me.

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Equifax says Cyber Attack may have stolen 143 Million people’s Personal Information

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 12:07pm

Equifax Inc, a provider of consumer credit scores, said on Thursday a hack exposed the personal details of potentially 143 million U.S. consumers between mid-May and July.

The company’s shares were down 5.4 percent in after-market trading assumably leading to further look into the matter which exposed hackers who accessed details including names, social security numbers, and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers. In addition, credit card numbers of around 209,000 U.S. consumers and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information of around 182,000 U.S. consumers were accessed, the company said. Equifax also said personal information of certain UK and Canadian residents were also hacked. The Atlanta-based company is now working with UK and Canadian regulators to investigate the breach. The company also said there was no evidence of a breach into its core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases. But if this is accurate this breach could be one of the biggest in the United States.

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Interview: Sammie Talks New Album ‘Coming of Age’, And What Caused the Decline of Traditional R&B

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 11:58am

Sammie was blessed with a voice that propelled him atop of Billboard R&B/Hip Hop song charts at just the tender age of 13. The 30-year-old singer left his mark on R&B culture over 10 years ago with hits like “I Like It” and “Crazy Things I Do For Love”. But his success couldn’t amount to his desire for a normal childhood, thus Sammie fell back from the spotlight and took a hiatus to continue school and have a balanced life.

Now Sammie is back to be the “savior” of R&B, he tells The Source. His forthcoming album Coming of Age is “transparent” and vulnerable. Components that current R&B lack. Sammie is currently on The Savage Tour with Tank and talked to us about touring with one of his idols, and his transition from boy to man.

How’d your life change after going platinum at just 13 years old?
Drastically. I was humbled of course, and grateful, that my dreams started to manifest. At 8 years old I knew that I wanted to pursue music professionally. And at 12 years old I was blessed to land a deal with Capitol Records and Free World Entertainment via Dallas, Austin. Um, I was just grateful. But it took some of my normalcy away. I don’t think as a child I was prepped for that part of things. I couldn’t go to the gym and play basketball anymore. I couldn’t play Little League football anymore. But those are the sacrifices you have to make when indulging in this industry. But music has always been my passion. So just to be living out my dream at such a young age, and to be accomplished, and sell a million records, was a dream come true.

When you went “ghost” the first time were you avoiding the lack of normalcy and the backlash of not being able to make mistakes in private like a normal kid your age would be able to do?
50 percent of my first hiatus was a collective decision between myself and my parents to just go to school and enjoy being a child. Making some mistakes outside of the public eye. The other 50 percent was actually my mother, my manager at the time, as well as Dallas Austin, they made an executive decision to part ways. But in hindsight I’m glad that it happened because I need balance in life. I need to be like the superstar Sammie, but I also need to be Sammie Leigh Bush Jr. Just the average guy that’s blessed to do extraordinary things. So it all worked out and then at 18 I decided that I want to come back to music and by the grace of God and my loyal fan base they embraced me back.

Of course they did. You’re from that “lil era” from the late 90s to 2001. We had the Lil Sammie, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, Lil Wayne, Lil Zane. Eventually you guys grew up and dropped the “lil”. Are you in contact with any of these people still?
I see Bow sometimes around. I actually ran into Romeo when I was in LA about two weeks ago. It’s cool to just see us all grow and still flourish the way we’re flourishing, because it’s hard to stay in this business this long without selling your soul, and without having to sacrifice your brand to stay relevant. So it’s just a blessing and I’m happy for all those guys.

To back track, you said that you knew at the age of 8 years old that you wanted to pursue music professionally. What was the exact moment or event that made everything come full circle?
I was in a group in Miami, Florida called Wonder 3 and we auditioned for the Apollo Theater in New York City. They called back, and I was the youngest one, I was like ten years young. They were like 15 or 16. I got the call back that they wanted me for Apollo Kids and the group gave me access, or permission rather, to go pursue it and I was discovered when I did the Apollo in 1990 and I made it the finals in 1999. Joyce Earby she was the lead singer of The Climax, she reached out to my mother, she took us to Dallas Austin and the rest was history.

You know Lauryn Hill got booed at amateur night at the Apollo? You weren’t nervous about getting booed?
Of course, I was terrified. My insides were shaking. And I’m still like that at 30 years old. I get the hiccups before every show. Its like a defense mechanism I get for my nerves. Right when I walk on stage, I’m back to normal and comfortable. I just give it my best and I think I could live with myself as long as I’m able to leave my soul, my spirit, and my passion on stage. Often times I found out that energy is reciprocated by the fans. I was definitely terrified but once it’s game time it’s game time.

You’re known to sing about loving your girl, and being compassionate, and faithful. Can we expect the same theme in your new project Coming of Age?
Oh yes. Coming of Age is the most vulnerable, honest, transparent album that I’ve ever released. I gone through so many ups and downs in relationships. I been in some healthy situations and I been in some toxic situations. I’ve committed infidelity before, then I’ve been truly faithful and I had that happen to me. So I put all that into my music. I really don’t do a lot of tweets or Instagram posts about my personal life and my love life, but in my music I’m all the way transparent so I think that’s why it resonates with everybody. Because we all go through heartbreaks, we all go through pain, we all try to experience true love in the purest form. And I put that in my music and that’s why it kinda reaches everybody.

Your song “I’m Him” made it to The Shade Room and I instantly thought, “Sammie’s back?!” Are you anything like the guy you were singing about?
Yeah. I can’t write things that’s fabricated. I mean I can, but it’s not genuine. All my life I been able to sell myself by being myself. So the “I’m Him” record has always been me, I just felt like that record was missing in the genre of R&B. The content is saying so much since the early 2000s or the late 90s rather, it was no wonder why it went viral that day. People miss that kind of content. It was just a gentleman like record. It was showing that chivalry isn’t dead. It’s okay to court a woman still. Somehow that has become frowned upon in the genre of R&B. So I wanted to be one of the ones to resurrect that content.

So that’s the energy you’re putting off the ladies are going to want to know if you’re single, dating, or it’s complicated?
I’m actually newly single, two months strong. I’m just focusing on God, family, and music. A new album is already coming in my mind because I was dating a beautiful spirit for two years. But things just didn’t work out. I don’t think we were ever on the frequency waves that we needed to be at the same time. But it’s nothing but love for her but I am single.

Do you listen to Bryson Tiller or Daniel Caesar?
I do listen to Bryson Tiller. I love his content. The Trapsoul mixtape/album was genius. It was pure, it was raw, and it was executed in a different way. You know he has Hip Hop elements in his music, but the content is exactly what the women needed to hear, and to me that’s why it was so successful. So shout outs to Tiller for that.

Would you consider him R&B, or the new term “R&Bass”?
No I don’t know what genre he falls into. But I think it’s dope. I think it’s his own thing. Because he actually raps sometimes, and then he has melody of course. A little reminiscing of Drake, but it’s just refreshing because the content isn’t so Hip Hop driven and that’s what I can appreciate. But it’s not like the Joe, Tank, Jon B, Brian McKnight of the world. I was a young kid growing up on those guys so to me that’s genuine R&B. However, I respect what Tiller does.

You mentioned R&B is lacking certain traditional components. What do you think is responsible for that?
I think it’s auto tune actually. It gave the rappers of today, the ability to sing with melody. But their content remained the same. Then that became super dominant on radio, so to get on radio you had to do that. So a lot of my industry R&B peers they deviated from the traditional sound and went more Hip Hop driven to get more DJ play and club play. And I think it’s just one long song now on the radio because I think everyone is afraid to do what’s traditional and what’s genuine R&B. But again I don’t have to play the politics game. Being independent also gives me the freedom to creatively control what I want to put out and convey to the world. I say it all the time that I’m not trying to be the King of R&B or the Prince. I think the people have to choose you for that, but I do want to be the savior of it. I feel like if my album is successful, if my touring is successful, if my content is successful then it opens the doors and gateways for everyone to do genuine music again. But I think auto tune is the genuine reason R&B took a turn for the worse.

How does it feel to be going on tour with Tank on The Savage Tour?
Its been amazing. We did Raleigh, North Carolina last night it was sold out. The women sang every record word-for-word. Then Nashville, Tennessee the first show was sold out as well. It’s just crazy to be able to perform records from 1999 all the way up now to 2017. These were young girls I was singing to back in the day, and now we’re all grown it’s kind of like we were raised together. So many girls cried last night, and it’s just funny to me because I remember them crying when they were little girls and I didn’t know I had that kind of effect still at 30. Its been a minute to see that and I’m just so humble and grateful. I’m learning now to just enjoy the moment. Like the entire process of the comeback. Again, I thank The Shade Room for that because I wasn’t even trying to be Sammie the artist. I was cool being behind the scenes, just writing here and there. But the “I’m Him” record propelled me back to the front and I’m just having a ball man. Tank is like a big brother to me so I’m on tour with one of my idols and it’s amazing. It’s like living a dream.

What’s your set sounding like?
It’s literally like a time machine. I have from 1999 all the way to current. I got mixtape stuff. I have a 30-35 minute set so I have time to dance around all kind of elements and time in my records or my career. Its been amazing. We’re off to D.C. now performing at the Howard Theater tomorrow. So city by city I’m just leaving pieces of my spirit and soul all over.

Coming of Age is slate to be released on September 15th.

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Laila Ali Tapped to Host OWN’s Emmy Winning ‘Home Made Simple’ Series

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 11:52am

Undefeated four-time boxing world champion and cookbook author Laila Ali will join Daytime Emmy award-winning DIY series “Home Made Simple” as the new host for season seven.

The inspirational speaker and youngest daughter of Muhammad Ali recently joined the series, which earned its fourth consecutive Daytime Emmy nomination as Outstanding Lifestyle Program. The OWN television series features fresh design ideas, delicious recipes, money and space saving solutions for deserving homeowners, while empowering viewers to take on simple do it yourself household projects with confidence.

“I am thrilled to join the OWN family as the new host of ‘Home Made Simple,'” blushed Ali in a press release.  “Being able to merge my passion for cooking with my longtime love of interior design and the desire I have to help families, all on a network created by Oprah Winfrey, a woman I have always admired, is truly an honor.”

Laila Ali – “Home Made Simple”

Ali, whose television resume includes “All in with Laila Ali,” “Everyday Health”  and “Late Night Chef Fight,” will work alongside families as they transform their living, work and play spaces, revealing the compelling and inspiring stories of the families behind the makeovers.

Ali, who describes herself as a “home cook,” will also teach the families delicious, easy recipes from her upcoming cookbook “Food For Life,” which will be published in January 2018.

“Home Made Simple” premieres with an all-new hour-long format on Saturday, November 4 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Will you tune in?

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Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty at NYFW

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 9:57am

Rihanna’s highly anticipated Fenty Beauty line is here.

The multi-hyphenate star launched her line Thursday night at Sephora in Times Square, and the products went on sale online in 150 countries early Friday morning. They will be available in Sephora stores across the U.S. later today.

Rihanna’s line will include foundations and highlighters in more than 30 shades, which are meant to complement all skin tones. She told reporters at her launch event that she wanted to create products that “girls of all skin tones could fall in love with.”

The Fenty Beauty ambassadors in attendance at the launch also reflected star’s stated commitment to diversity. They included South Sudanese model Duckie Thot, British model Leomie Anderson, and Huan Zhou, from China.

THE FAMILY. Get yours on FentyBeauty.com at Midnight tonight! @fentybeauty

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Category 4 Hurricane Irma Headed Towards Florida to be Followed by two Others, State Governor Orders Evacuation

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 9:37am

Residents and visitors in Florida are being urged to evacuate as the massive, (now) Category 4 Hurricane Irma currently sustaining 155 mph winds is on track to hit the sunshine state.

Having already hit the Turks and Caicos Island and the Bahamas on Thursday, killing at least six people according to CNN, mandatory evacuation has been ordered for the Keys, parts of Miami-Dade and Broward County. There’s voluntary evacuation for other parts of Florida.

In preparation for Irma, fuel shortages are impacting Florida and gas prices are going up. Florida Governor Rick Scott has assured residents that he’s taking action to deliver gas to affected areas. In a statement on Thursday, Scott said, “we are aggressively working around the clock to bring more fuel to Florida gas stations.”

CNN reports that as of today [Friday, September 8th] three tanker ships arrived carrying 1.2 million gallons of fuel each and tankers are still getting police escorts to gas stations.

Georgia is also on the catastrophic hurricane’s path along with South Carolina and North Carolina, all of which have declared a state of emergency and Georgia has already ordered evacuations.

Directly behind Irma are two other intensifying hurricanes, Jose and Katia. Jose is currently a Category 3 hurricane forming in the eastern Atlantic and is sustaining winds of 120 mph with possible strengthening, come Friday. Katia, however, is currently a Category 1 hurricane in the southern Gulf of Mexico and it is expected to stay around that area.

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Tru Life Signs to Future’s Free Bandz Label

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 9:37am

Since being released from prison in 2016, Tru Life has done his best to stay the straight and narrow and convince his fans that although he served the time he did not commit the gang assault crime that he was convicted of back in 2009. Before his sentence, Tru Life had just signed to JAY-Z’s Roc Nation La Familia affiliate but during his time and jail he was released from the label in which he clarified that his relationship with JAY-Z is still in good standing but their business and music relationship no longer exists.

Fortunately, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday [September 6th], Tru Life took to Instagram to announce officially being signed to Future’s FreeBandz label. In his first post he stated, “Nothing bigger than the bird.” #FreeBandz #MogulTree

In a second post which has since been deleted, he stated, “Today is a new beginning , I am proud to announce my new deal with Sony Epic and Free Bandz. When everyone else turned their backs on me. My brother @future was the only one who stepped up.”

Being out of jail for a little over a year, Tru Life has since collaborated with Rick Ross on “Bag For It” in which achieved over 2 million views, created social media traction, and even appeared on Revolt TV’s The Breakfast Club radio show. His steadfast commitment to the music industry and his undeniable talent has payed off yet again. Congrats to Tru Life.

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G-Eazy Recruits Cardi B & A$AP Rocky, Listen To SZA’s New Track | Source News Flash

TheSource Feed - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 9:10am

Today in Source News Flash:

Last week, G-Eazy informed Billboard that he enlisted Halsey and Cardi B for his forthcoming album The Beautiful and Damned. He kept true to his word and unveiled his latest single “No Limit” featuring A$AP Rocky and the “Bodak Yellow” star.
The Internet’s Syd just dropped her new EP Always Never Home.
Insecure creator Issa Rae, just released the soundtrack accompanying the series. On it, we get to listen to a previously unreleased track from TDE’s own SZA. Listen to “Quicksand” now.

A new editorial from Pornhub and Richardson’s limited edition capsule is comprised of a hoodie, a cap, a swimsuit, a bomber jacket, and multiple T-shirts — one of which features a collage of the face of renowned pornstar, director and author Asa Akira.
Jordan Brand recently announced it is set to retro its Air Jordan 13 “Altitude” colorway. Originally hitting the shelves in 2005, the dark-toned Jordan 13 is set to make a comeback this upcoming Black Friday.

Hurricane Irma has weakened a bit — it’s been downgraded to a strong Category 4 storm. This is still one of the most dangerous storms we’ve ever seen, and it’s killed at least 10 people. Irma’s maximum sustained winds are 155 mph, and it’s headed straight for Florida.

Kansas City Chiefs win 42-27 against New England Patriots.

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4 New Versions of L.A. Noire Are On the Way

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 6:21pm

Rockstar Games has announced that they’re bringing back the certified classic detective thriller L.A. Noire to current generation consoles. The Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and VR will all receive updated versions of the game complete with revamped 4K graphics and in the case of the Switch and PS4, portable play.

Set in 1940’s Los Angeles, in L.A. Noire you play as detective Cole Phelps on a mission to eradicate crime from the shady scene of Hollywood and beyond.

“We’re excited to bring L.A. Noire’s unique mix of real detective work, classic Hollywood atmosphere and thrilling action to these new platforms,” exclaims Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “Now with a choice of spectacular virtual reality, stunning 4K, or the freedom of portable play, these enhanced versions are a perfect opportunity for players to experience this richly detailed world in a whole new way.” The VR version of the game is itled LA Noire: The VR Case Files and is essentially a reframing of the main game. Seven select cases from the original game were built from the ground up specifically for a virtual reality experience and exclusively on the HTC VIVE system. Expect the game to drop Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

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Seshed Up’s First Lookbook Features Lil Yachty

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 5:08pm

Burgeoning skateboarding brand Seshed Up has recruited Lil Yachty and skater Aaron Goure for a lookbook featuring the label’s first ever collection. Rocking a hoodie featuring a flying tiger print and embroidery, Yachty poses atop a regal looking throne chair. Founded by Akhil Sesh who directed, shot, designed, & provided the soundtrack for this editorial, Seshed Up also shot a campaign skate video interestingly on VHS.

No release details for the merch is available at this time, but check out Aaron Goure pulling off some crazy skateboarding stunts in the video here.

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Check Out Red McFly’s #WAVY Ode To Max B Feat. Worldwidemaro

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 5:03pm

Red Mcfly recruits Worlwidemaro on his newest single “Wavy” which will be featured on his upcoming project, “Takeflight 3” as well as Worlwidemaro’s “I’m Supposed To Be Here” which is dropping later this month. This song is produced by Cashmoney AP and is a dope song to close out the summer. For more info on Red Mcfly check out www.redmcfly.com

Twitter/Instagrams: @Redmcfly & @Worldwidemaro

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United Airlines Avoids Fine In Passenger Dragging Scandal

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 4:48pm

Federal aviation investigators have declined to punish United Airlines for dragging a passenger off a flight — video of which went viral in April. The Department of Transportation found that the gruesome incident didn’t warrant a fine, according to The Los Angeles Times.

David Dao, the 69-year-old physician who was violently pulled from a flight from Chicago, IL, to Louisville, KY, settled with the airline at the end of April. He lost two teeth, suffered a broken nose, and incurred a concussion.

While the Department of Transportation found that United failed to properly inform Dao of overbooking rules, investigators declined to fine the airline since it apparently didn’t use “race, national origin, gender or religion criteria to discriminate against any of the passengers removed from the plane.”

“We generally pursue enforcement action when a carrier exhibits a pattern or practice of noncompliance with the department’s consumer protection regulations and federal anti-discrimination statutes that we enforce,” the agency’s two-page letter summarizing the incident said. “Therefore, we conclude that enforcement action is not warranted in this matter.”

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Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker Release Details

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 4:37pm

 I just sit back in my Balenciaga’s

Under the helm of Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga is set to release an original sneaker model inspired by a trifecta of sports: basketball, running and track and field. Described as a “visual composite” the sneaker has a vintage deliberately worn in look to it. The Balenciaga logo is prominently displayed on the side panel of every shoe.

The kicks are meant to be unisex and come in red/black, off-white/green/yellow, red/blue/grey/yellow and grey/white color ways. The Balenciaga Triple S sneaker is dropping at Balenciaga retailers and its web store worldwide from September 21, with a flex worthy price of $795 USD.

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Apple Lands New Licensing Deal With Warner Music

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 4:37pm

Apple Music users will be able to enjoy tunes from Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars for the foreseeable future. Fresh off its recent deal with Spotify, Warner Music has signed off on an agreement with the tech giant, according to sources that spoke to Bloomberg. The deal is Apple’s first with a major label since the launch of its streaming service two years ago.

Like Spotify, Apple is reportedly negotiating a reduced cut of sales with record companies this time round. Until now, it’s been paying a 58 percent share to labels, which it’s now slashing to 55 percent. Although labels have been to quick to voice their anger regarding low royalties from the likes of YouTube, it seems they simply can’t ignore digital services. Especially when they’re seeing growing sales thanks to streams. That may explain why record companies are now talking to Facebook about music licensing deals for user-generated video. Next up for Apple is Sony Music Entertainment (home to Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Justin Timberlake).

The Warner deal couldn’t come at a better time for Apple. The streaming service caught a backlash last year after snagging yet another high-profile exclusive in the shape of Frank Ocean’s Blonde. As Billboard pointed out in December, the pact did not go down well at Universal Music — the label subsequently began prohibiting artists from striking similar deals. Since then, there’s also been little on offer from other record companies. That may explain why exclusives have pretty much dried up. Consequently, Apple Music users may not get the next Ed Sheeran album before anyone else, but at least he’ll remain a mainstay on the service.

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Supreme x Hysteric Glamour is Happening

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 4:18pm

Middle-Finger Fashion

Japanese clothing designer Hysteric Glamour is set to collaborate with New York style maven Supreme. Images from the collection have leaked via an upcoming print issue of SSENSE magazine.

Displaying the blatant and raw words “F*CK YOU” imprinted across a T-shirt and a hoodie, the collab is one of crass nature.  An all over print top and pants set, a blanket and a hoodie with a skeletal middle finger graphic all appear to be apart of the collection.  No official statement has been released from either brand and no release information is available at this time but check back here for updates. 



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Cav Empt Unveils Its First Drop of the Fall/Winter 17 Season

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 3:58pm

Graphic prints Galore

Japanese street wear imprint Cav Empt has taken the wraps off of its latest Fall/Winter 17 drop.  Focusing heavily on graphic prints, the latest release presents outerwear, shirts, sweatshirts and pants all with there own bit of edgy signature Cav Empt flare. The “September Release #1” specifically includes a patterned button up, a striped and textured zip up hoodie, a satin jacket, graphic long sleeve tees and a pink tracksuit.

Ranging from $97 for the tees to $318 for a jacket, you can cop the collection now. Hit up the online store or Tokyo residents can check out the Cav Empt flagship to shop the latest from the brand.

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Krayzie Bone Releases New Solo Single Titled ‘Legend’

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 1:44pm

Krayzie Bone recently announced a new project that is set to drop this October. Titled E.1999: The LethaFace Project, the record will be released on Real Talk Enter­tainment and will tell the tale of trials and tribulations.

The first single from the new project is “Legend”, which Krayzie released via Soundcloud.


With the rest of the album set to be loaded with dark and fiery beats, he promises to take listeners on a full journey through his life’s highs, lows, and in between.


Get into the new single below and be on the lookout for the complete project when it drops October 13, 2017.

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Will Smith Introduced the ‘Aladdin’ Remake Cast on Social Media

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 12:57pm

After Will Smith spent his summer touring Europe with DJ Jazzy Jeff, he is now back in the world of film.

On Wednesday (September 6), he teased fans on Facebook with a fresh look at the cast for the Aladdin remake.

“We just started shooting Aladdin and I wanted to intro you guys to our new family… Mena Massoud/Aladdin, Naomi Scott/Princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari/Jafar, and I’m over here gettin my Genie on. Here we go,” he wrote on Facebook.

Aladdin will serve as one of Disney’s many live adaptations to classic animated movies. Mulan and Lion King are expected to be the next movies to receive the full-remake treatment with directors Niki Caro and Jon Favreau tackling the films, respectively.

Aladdin is currently in pre-production, without a specific release date. Check out Will Smith post below:

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Kevin Gates Releases New Video for ‘What If’ & Personalized Letter to Fans

TheSource Feed - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 10:05am

Last year in October, Kevin Gates was sentenced to 180 days in jail for kicking a female fan in the chest during a Florida concert. In his defense, he claimed the woman continuously fondled with his private part while he was performing after he had repeatedly told her to stop. Gates is no stranger to the judicial system having spent up to 18 months in jail before, but his riveting success as a rap artist had Gates on the straight and narrow only focused on his wife, his children, and providing quality music for all of his fans. Nevertheless, repeat offenders tend to often times get the short end of the stick. In Kevin’s case, he was supposedly released from jail back in March after serving his six month sentence but was immediately retained again on the same day by Cook County’s request in regards to a past felony charge.

Gates is now serving a new 30-month sentence for the Illinois Department of Corrections in which he will be up for parole in summer of 2018. Despite being behind bars, Kevin Gates has managed to release two new songs, “No Love and “What If.” His wife, Dreka Gates, took to Twitter to announce that she is working on a new project of Kevin’s in which she has been fully entrusted with all creative freedom.

Yesterday (September 6th), a new visual was released for Kevin Gates track “What If” on KevinGatesTV’s YouTube channel. The new visual depicts a Baton Rouge community witnessing a case of police brutality in which they were helpless in their efforts to stop the act. At the end of the video, Gates presents his fans with a personalized letter from him. The letter read as stated:

In the name of the most gracious most merciful

Dear Loyal Family,

Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this.

By this I’m speaking in reference to hardship. A great a person is measured by all of the great test they can undergo and still remain true to who they are. With that being said “Im Him.”

I love you all. In closing I remain the same.


Kevin Gates

Watch the video above.


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‘True to the Game’ is a Must-See

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True to the Game is a movie based on the novel with the same name by author Teri Woods. This novel was one of the most talked about books back when African-American street novels first became popular. Woods changed the publishing game forever for fiction novels after True to the Game sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

The book and movie follows the turbulent love story of Gena Hollins (Erica Peeples) and Quadir Richards (Columbus Short). They’re both from the grimy streets of Philadelphia, and Quadir is atop of street stardom where they’re from. However, Gena wants to continue college and pursue a career as a writer without involvement of crime and violence, due to her rocky upbringing. But it was impossible for her to resist Qua’s smooth talking and luxurious courting, and she gave him a chance despite the likely consequences of dealing with someone who is true to the game.

Manny Halley, who served as the film’s producer, is a fan of the novel and partnered with the author to adapt True to the Game on to the big screen. The Source attended the premiere in NYC last night [September 6th] and can assure you that this film is a must-see.

The film is captivating from the start as Vivica A. Fox channels her inner Frankie from Set it Off, and portrays a boss lady who is the mother of a “young, black, successful criminal”. Then you witness the good, the bad, and the ugly of a successful life of crime and gangsta love.

One notable cast member was Columbus. His performance would really make you believe that he’s about that life. It was also admirable to see him be able to bounce back from everything that he’s been through from drugs, to being axed from one of television’s most successful series Scandal due to his troubles at home. Everyone deserves a second chance. The cast also includes model and entrepreneur Draya Michele, and True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis who passed away in July from complications with heart failure.

True to the Game will be released in theaters this Friday, September 8th, so make sure to check it out because you don’t want to be left out of this conversation.

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