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A-Boogie Unveils Features on Debut Album, ‘The Bigger Artist’

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 12:09pm

A-Boogie has been having a good year: He has two platinum records under his belt, he performed at the 2017 Made in America festival, and made it to the 2017 XXL Freshman Class. He plans to continue his winning streak with his forthcoming debut album, The Bigger Artist.

He told Billboard what fans can expect from this album.

The album about to be crazy, man. Sept. 29. Shit is about to be different, man. I ain’t gonna lie, it’s gonna be different vibes, man. You see how I do love songs? It’s gonna be those in there, but I threw different types of vibes in it that I don’t really go on. So I got a song with Chris Brown on there, Trey Songz on there, I got 21 [Savage] on there, PnB Rock, NBA YoungBoy. It’s about to be different, man. Further in the interview, he revealed that he is slate to release another joint mixtape with his comrade, Don Q, but he didn’t mention when. At least we have The Bigger Artist to look forward to on September 29th.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West’s Surrogate is Reportedly Pregnant With Their Third Child

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 11:49am

The surrogate that Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West hired is reportedly pregnant.

Sources told PEOPLE that Kim’s past health conditions has led her to hire a surrogate to carry her third baby.

Given her health scares in the past, Kim felt the need to hire a surrogacy agency that helped serve as the liaison in finding a healthy woman who would be a great surrogate option for her and Kanye. Both of them have been super involved in the process.

The source also confirmed that Kim is doing everything in her power to ensure that the baby will be healthy, including providing an ideal diet and eating regime for the surrogate.

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Aaron Davvid Wants to See You in Your Bikini

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 11:37am

Its been two years since Aaron Davvid has been out with a commercial song, and now he’s back with “Bikini”.

The new feel good track is produced by the BeatStars infamous producer Mantra. The record gives off a Summer, fun vibe that you can get loose to. The Bronx emcee tapped into helmsman David Hausen to breathe life into the “Bikini” lyrics. Davvid explains the inspiration behind his new song:

I just want people to let loose and dance! People have a hard time having fun in life. Sometimes you need to let go and have fun in the moment. Forget about everything weighing you down.

Press play above to listen to the next club banger.

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2 Chainz Brings Out Drake in Toronto, Gucci Mane Shares Trailer for Autobiography | Source News Flash

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 9:05am

Today in Source News Flash:

2 Chainz has been on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour for a few weeks now, performing all of his shows from a pink wheelchair after breaking a leg 2 weeks prior to tour’s kick off. But the amazing experience doesn’t stop there. For his Toronto stop, 2 Chainz brought out OVO’s own Drake to perform “No Lie.”
Gucci Mane doesn’t stop grinding. Since his release from prison a couple of months back, he dropped an album and announced that his autobiography is coming soon as well. Now, Gucci shares a visual trailer for his upcoming book. Check it out below:

After Lil Wayne was hospitalized for seizures last weekend, his daughter Reginae Carter shared news on Twitter that her dad is doing fine. Read more on the story here.

FILA has brought us back to the early 2000s with its FW2017 Heritage drop. The collection takes heavy inspiration from the looks of your childhood and features a host of matching tracksuits, faded pastel tees, and brightly colored sweatshirts emblazoned with FILA’s signature logo.
Ronnie Fieg announced he will be opening Kith Sport as well as unveils Air Maestro II High sneaker in a purple colorway.

As Hurricane Irma’s eye roars away from the tiny island of Barbuda and toward St. Martin, residents along its path scrambled to evacuate while stocking up on water, food and gas.

Venus Williams advances to semi finals in U.S. Open.

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Florida Begins Evacuations As Hurricane Irma Moves Towards U.S.

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 8:08am

Another immense hurricane is barreling closer to the United States, this time threatening Florida, where officials announced mandatory evacuations Tuesday in advance of what forecasters say could be the most powerful hurricane to strike the Atlantic coast in more than a ten years.

Hurricane Irma passed over the island of Barbuda during the early morning hours of Wednesday as Floridians prepared for the worst ahead of the record-breaking storm.

Sustained winds on the ground in Barbuda were recorded at 108 mph, gusting to 155 mph before the anemometer, the instrument measuring the wind, broke. As of 5 a.m. ET, the monster Category 5 storm’s eye wall was butting up against St. Martin with sustained winds of 185 mph and even higher gusts.

Mandatory evacuations have already been ordered for Monroe County, which includes the Florida Keys. Evacuations for visitors are required beginning Wednesday morning while residents must evacuate starting Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Many areas of Florida have already seen gas shortages, with the hashtag #nogas popping up on social media Tuesday. Long lines formed all over the state, not just in the Miami area. Stations in the Tampa area have run out and long lines were common at Orlando stations as well.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Jose is following behind Irma on a similar path. Jose officially became a tropical storm on Tuesday before noon with winds of 40 mph and is expected to become a Category 2 hurricane by the end of the week. It could skirt the most northeastern Caribbean islands, but so far it is not projected to be a threat to Puerto Rico or the U.S

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Officer That Arrested Utah Nurse Is Fired From Paramedic Job

TheSource Feed - Wed, 09/06/2017 - 7:47am

A police officer who was caught on video forcefully arresting a Utah nurse for refusing to allow law enforcement to draw a blood sample from a patient has been fired from his part-time job as a paramedic, according to The Associated Press.

The ambulance company’s president said Tuesday that Detective Jeff Payne was fired after a video of him surfaced in which he said he would retaliate against the nurse, the AP reported.

Payne was put on paid leave by the Salt Lake City police department after the initial video of him dragging the crying nurse out of the hospital went viral. The hospital has since banned law enforcement officials from interacting directly with its nurses.

The nurse, Alex Wubbels, has not been charged for defending the patient, who was identified as a police officer from Rigby, Idaho.

Salt Lake City Police have begun an internal investigation into the incident, and the city’s mayor has issued an apology on behalf of the officer.

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Rae Sremmurd Sued For Throwing Water Bottles During Show, Injuring Fan’s Face

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 9:45pm

Rae Sremmurd mat be living it up and working on continuing that success by putting in work on their new album, but they’re going to have to handle some legal troubles first.

The “Black Beatles’ duo is reportedly being sued for negligence, assault and battery by one of their fans after receiving an injury at one of their concerts, where he was hit by a thrown water bottle, reports TMZ.

The individual attended one of Sremmurd’s shows in 2016 and has filed a lawsuit against the duo, which hit him directly in he nose. He’s from Michiga, whose identity has not been revealewd and he claimed the water bottle hit him so forcefully that it ripped off “a chunk of his face”, which reportedly sent him straight to the hospital.

He claims he has suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement and both Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi did not offer any warning of the objects being thrown before he was hit.

Currently, the duo is working on their ‘SremmLife 3’ project, so it’s certain that they want to get this issue behind them as soon as possible.

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The Source Talks to Jazzy Amra

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 5:59pm

Jazzy Amra is an R&B artist from New York City signed to the label Heads Music. The music label partnered with Wyclef Jean to release her music. According to Heads Music, she will be releasing her first project titled “Amra” this fall. On top of current collaborations with Dave East and Wyclef, Amra is currently on tour with Wyclef, but sat down with The Source to talk about her sudden rise in the music industry. 

The Source: Where did the name Jazzy Amra come from? 

Jazzy Amra: My full name is Jazmine, so Jazzy is a nickname.”Amra” means princess in Arabic. When I decided to go full on to pursue a music career, I took that as a chance to reinvent myself. I wanted a positive name that made me feel good. Growing up, I had a hard time finding myself and being comfortable in my own skin, insecurities that stemmed from my upbringing.  Despite those unfortunate events I went through as a child, it didn’t take away from the fact that I am special and that I am royalty. “Amra” was the best name to describe me.

The Source: What was your motivation for getting into music? 

Jazzy Amra: My motivation for getting into music was my mother. When I was about 3-4, I used to live with her and my two siblings at a rehabilitation center. We eventually got out and she still had custody of us, but then relapsed. We were then removed from her care. After that, I hadn’t seen her in years. My only strong memory of her was hearing her sing to Lauryn Hill, Mary J., Toni Braxton, La India and so many different artists. She always used to sing “I Believe I can Fly”to us.. that’s probably the first song I ever learned. Singing always felt good to me. My mom’s passion for music inspired me.

The Source: According to your biography, you grew up in the Bronx. What part of the Bronx are you from? 

Jazzy Amra: I’m from Kingsbridge Road.

The Source: There are many layers to R&B music. How would you classify your specific style of R&B? 

Jazzy Amra: I would say I’m hip-hop & R&B with that soul to it.

The Source: Who were the some of the artists (R&B and otherwise) you looked up to musically growing up? 

Jazzy Amra: Growing up I loved Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Mya, R.Kelly, 112, the whole Bad Boy family, Boyz II Men, Usher, The Fugees, the list goes on and on. I was adopted by my aunt at the age of 5 and her son, Andy would always blast music around the house and those were the artists he would play.

The Source: Who are some of the current (R&B and otherwise) artists you like? 

Jazzy Amra: I really like H.E.R .. H.E.R music is just a vibe.. it puts me in the zone.  I’m also listening to a lot of Jhene Aiko, Nicki Minaj, Drake, A-Boogie, Rihanna, Tory Lanez and many other artists.

The Source: I read before you signed with Wyclef that you used to attend BET’s 106 & Park when it was on television and sing to the crowd during the commercial breaks. That is pretty creative marketing and a great way to practice becoming a singer. How did that idea come about? 

Jazzy Amra: I was a freshman/sophomore in high school at the time. I would attend 106 & Park for the experience of being around cameras and for the opportunity to see my favorite celebs. When they would ask, “who has talent in the crowd?” I would be so shy to raise my hand, but I saw it as a chance to break out of my shell and face my fear of singing in front of people.. I know it sounds crazy, but I used to be so afraid of singing in front of people. If people wanted to hear me sing, I would make them turn around or close their eyes. 

The Source: How has your experience been working with a musical legend like Wyclef been?

Jazzy Amra: Working with a legend like Wyclef reassured me that this was really written for me. 10 years ago, if somebody would have told me I was going to work with Wyclef Jean, I wouldn’t have believed them. Working with Wyclef really kicked off everything. He introduced me to traveling and performing in front of big crowds. My first time on an airplane was in January 2015 when I went to Las Vegas to perform with him. He’s definitely my mentor and I got my confidence up working with him.

The Source: You and Dave East seem collaborate often. What’s the reason if any behind the musical connection? 

Jazzy Amra: Working with East is always a great experience. He’s super talented. I remember one of the first times I had a studio session with him… I saw him write his verse in 5 mins. I was like, “whoa… he’s different.” But, he’s home team, so I just feel like it’s only right that we create together.

The Source: Can you talk about your upcoming mixtape “Amra” that is slated to come out soon? 

Jazzy Amra: “Amra” will my first solo body of work ever. It’s currently set to be released in the fall. “Amra” will be an introduction to who I am, my story and my music.

The Source: In the past R&B artists would never release mixtapes. Currently, that has changed to where R&B artists releasing their own mixtapes is normal. From your point of view, why has this practice become normal among R&B artists? 

Jazzy Amra: I think mixtapes give us R&B artists more creative freedom and helps us work a little smarter. It’s basically a stepping stone. If you’re an upcoming artist, the smart thing to do would be to put together a mixtape and put it out there see what the people are feeling from you, as opposed to just making an album. I feel like that’s something you work your way up to.

The Source: Any last words for people who want to keep up with Jazzy Amra and things they should look out for in the future?

Jazzy Amra: If you want to keep up with me, follow me on social media @JazzyAmra and just stay tuned. I’m really active on social media, so I’ll be posting about what’s to come.

Jazzy Amra Single – “Caught Up”   

Jazzy Amra Instagram 

Jazzy Amra Twitter

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“New York Smitt” is Back to Tell His Story

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 5:57pm

If you ever wondered what New York sounded like, listen to Smitt.

Queens native, Smitt, released the visuals to his song “NYS”, which is an abbreviation for New York Smitt. The video kicks off with a shot of what is presumably Smitt’s Queens neighborhood. As the gritty beat starts, Smitt starts to spit over it telling his story.

Press play to listen to what New York sounds like.

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Barack Obama Slams Trump for Revoking DACA

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 5:26pm

Barack Obama has been on the quiet side when it comes to the country’s political climate. But as President Donald Trump continues to threaten the United States’ core values, Obama is forced to weigh in.

Trump has officially terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was initiated by the Obama administration five years ago by executive order, and granted work permits to undocumented immigrants who arrived to this country as an adolescent. Attorney General Jeff Sessions justified why the administration is placing hundreds of thousands of young people at risk of deportation, and all we heard was bullsh*t (pardon my French).

But Obama has finally opened up, like we’ve been all desperately waiting for him to do, to politely drag his predecessor’s cruel, ignorant, and heartless decisions on Facebook.

Immigration can be a controversial topic. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy, and people of goodwill can have legitimate disagreements about how to fix our immigration system so that everybody plays by the rules.

But that’s not what the action that the White House took today is about. This is about young people who grew up in America – kids who study in our schools, young adults who are starting careers, patriots who pledge allegiance to our flag. These Dreamers are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper. They were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants. They may not know a country besides ours. They may not even know a language besides English. They often have no idea they’re undocumented until they apply for a job, or college, or a driver’s license.

Check out Barack Obama’s full Facebook post below.

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Immigration can be a controversial topic. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy, and people of goodwill…

Posted by Barack Obama on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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Romey Reflects on Miami Nights in Latest Video

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 4:49pm

Chicago has bred some of Hip Hop’s brightest stars including the likes of Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, and Common. It’s only a matter of time until Chicago native Romey is apart of that conversation.

Romey began focusing on his music career after re-locating from his broken home in the South side of Chicago, to Wisconsin. The self-proclaimed King of the Midwest stayed independent and launched Get Rich Records.

His latest track is the second single from his highly anticipated mixtape, Game of Thrones, called “Miami Nights”. The title sounds like it’ll make perfect for a club playlist, but it’s more appropriate to be played in a car, with the top down, accompanied by a dime piece. The video was directed by Michael Alston, and the song was produced by Unit-7. Press play above to give the song a spin.

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Fans Petition to Replace Christopher Columbus Statue With Statue of Prince

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 4:17pm

It has become popular for fans to launch online petitions for the changes they want to see.

In the past fans have petitioned for Migos’ front man, Quavo, to re-do the National Anthem, and successfully petitioned for the late R&B princess Aaliyah to get her own collection with MAC Cosmetics. The latest petition involves the late icon, Prince, to replace a Christopher Columbus statue in Minnesota.

Minnesota resident Wintana Melekin initiated the petition arguing that America’s “founder” doesn’t represent the state’s values, and Prince does.

Rather than glorify a man who wanted to extinguish Black and Native peoples, we should honor members of our community whose leadership we find inspirational.

Since Prince’s death last April, Minnesota has paid homage to the superstar by creating Prince Day, putting on a “Purple Rain” Vikings halftime show, and distributing purple umbrellas at a Twins game. Melekin’s petition has already received 4,341 out of 5,000 signatures.

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Joel Osteen’s Church Passed Around Collection Plates to Hurricane Harvey Victims

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 2:30pm

Someone at Joel Osteen’s Houston, Texas Lakewood Megachurch thought passing around collection plates to Hurricane Harvey victims was a good idea. The incident occurred during services last Wednesday (Aug. 30th).

It is widely known that actor Tyler Perry just donated $250,000 to the church last week. There are people out there that are upset with Osteen’s church since the Celebrity Pastor is able to raise funds through various resources. You can view Perry’s Facebook live below of him discussing his donation to the church.

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Joel Osteen, Beyonce, Hurricane Harvey and Giving

Posted by Tyler Perry on Thursday, August 31, 2017


There is also a video proving that collection plates were being passed to the victims of the hurricane. Below is the video of the service and towards the end of the video, you can see the plates being passed down to the audience. This unfortunate decision of the church comes just shortly after the church was accused of closing its doors when the hurricane hit Houston almost two weeks ago.


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‘Girls Trip’ May Get a Sequel

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 2:02pm

The success of Girls Trip follows the consecutive slew of African-American films that have performed well commercially and critically. The breakout comedy film is monumental because it’s the first film written by, directed by, produced by, and starring African-Americans to surpass the $100 million marker.

Helmsman, Will Packer, was asked about thoughts of a sequel and he confirmed that there is definitely talks about Girls Trip 2.

“We’re definitely talking about it. The only thing harder than opening a studio comedy today is opening a studio comedy sequel,” Packer said. “That’s the next challenge. I love our team. If anybody can do it, we can do it. It’s still a little early the movie is still in theaters but it’s something we’ve all thought about.”

But it’s too early to confirm anything considering that the film has only been out for about a month, and is still in theaters. Packer added, “The movie is still in theaters but it’s something we’ve all thought about.”

Are you guys ready to witness what epic adventures the “Flossy Posse” can get themselves into next?

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A-Traks Goldie Awards Is Two Days Away

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 12:38pm

A-Trak is arguably one of the best DJs to do it and with his newest venture of the Goldie Awards he continues to stack his resume. He started his career by winning the DMC world championship at the age of 15, which qualified him as the youngest to win the honor. He then went on to win four more in his respected field. He is one of the very few DJ’\s known to the techno world and has become close with Chi-Town’s own, Kanye West.

The Goldie Awards is a strong reflection of the DMC world championships and will help bring new faces onto the DJ and producer scene. The battle will give producers and DJs a chance to battle head and head mixing and scratching similar to what Swizz Beats and Just Blaze have been working up on social media. The battle will be hosted by Harlem MC, Dave East and will feature top DJ’s and producers like Mannie Fresh, Diplo, Just Blaze, Destructo, Craze and many more.

Nowadays DJs and producers are bigger than ever. But there’s no championship that celebrates how important and relevant they’ve become. That’s why I created Goldie Awards: a DJ and beat battle adapted to what these art forms represent today. – A-Trak

You can still purchase tickets here to watch the battle on September 7th at Brooklyn Steel. Check out what to expect in the video below.

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Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, & More Set for Multi-Network Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 12:05pm

Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, and Barbra Streisand are all apart of the star-studded one-hour telethon that will raise money for the Hurricane Harvey relief.

Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief will air across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and cabler CMT in a roadblock fashion. Country singer George Strait will appear on the telethon in concert at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas.

Proceeds from the event will be distributed to a number of relief organizations including United Way of Greater Houston, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, Feeding Texas and the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The celebrity telethon is set to air live on September 12th at 8PM E/T.

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Chance The Rapper Plans To Recognize Everyday Heroes in New Award Show

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 11:08am

Last Friday, September 1st, Chance The Rapper held his SocialWorks Summit in Chicago’s Southside. He revealed the 20 local public schools that will receive the $2.2 million in donations his New Chance Fund raised for arts education over the past six months.

Chano also announced he’s planning to hold first ever Twilight Awards, which will honor “teachers, parents, principles, and students that convey leadership.” The show will be hosted by James Corden, and is scheduled to take place in June 2018. In addition to the $2.2 million, Chance’s SocialWorks gave away 30,000 backpacks to students at last month’s Bud Billiken Parade.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR Shares “Cartier” Featuring Jadakiss

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 10:47am

Lately, PARTYNEXTDOOR has been consistently dropping new music. Now he returns with another new song and this time it is a collaboration with Jadakiss. The sleek R&B slow jam “Cartier” is free to download via PARTY’s website.

The song itself comes with a solid verse and a hook from the R&B star who sets the tone with a somber yet humble-bragging raps like “Gotta refuse all sympathy, everybody fine till they need me financially,” followed by subtle stunt lines like “Cut em’ off like Korean Barbecue scissors”. Jada switches up his usual style and delivers a complimentary performance. When it comes to the musical demeanor, Jadakiss and Party would be the last collab fans would’ve imagined but Jadakiss’ iconic laugh in hip-hop works surprisingly well with PND.

PARTYNEXTDOOR is tearing up the industry, from writing hits for names like Beyonce, Rihanna and more to dropping epic projects like Colours 2 back in June. Last month he dropped two new tracks “Naked” and “Put It On Silent” having already shared “Damn” and “Break Me Down” 24 hours earlier.

Listen & download “Cartier” over at PARTYNEXTDOOR’s website.

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Bliss n Eso Are Top Of The Charts In Australia

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 10:08am

Bliss n Eso are a multi-platinum, award winning Hip-Hop group based in Sydney, Australia consisting of MC Bliss, MC Eso and DJ Izm. The trio currently sit at the top of all major music charts in Australia for locally made Hip-Hop, leading the ARIA, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, Google Play and AIR charts in both album as well as single categories.

Their most recent, sixth studio album Off the Grid is currently the highest charting Hip-Hop album from Australia on the ARIA Album Charts as well as charting in Europe, making it their third number 1 album in a row in Australia. The 15-track Off The Grid released on Illusive Sounds clocks in at an hour and features artists including R&B superstar Mario, Dizzy Wright, Watsky and soul legend Lee Fields amongst others.

They have further developed their international connection following working with Nas and Ceekay Jones on their previous album – the platinum selling Circus In The Sky (2013) and on 2010’s Running On Air album worked with Xzibit and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. Bliss n Eso have additionally collaborated with Scribble Jam Champ ILLmacuLate, DJ Hoppa, Debaser, Jehst (UK) and extensively with esteemed Australian producer M-Phazes. The third single from their late April 2017 released Off The Grid album features their currently highest charting Hip-Hop single to date in the Platinum selling “Moments” feat. Gavin James.

Bliss n Eso also currently have the highest Shazamed Hip-Hop song from Australia in “Believe” feat. Mario and the only one currently in the top half of the Australia Top 100. Off The Grid is the highest selling on Google Play Australia (with their 2013 album Circus In The Sky & 2010 album Runnin on Air still charting too) as well as charting in the top half of the Google Play Australia single charts twice with both “Believe” and “Moments.” Bliss n Eso also lead the Spotify, iTunes and AIR charts and have long established themselves as one of the dominant selling hip hop groups from Australia.

Bliss n Eso have toured extensively and sold out dozens of shows across Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and further internationally. Additionally to a sustained strong presence domestically, they have played their own headline tours across Canada and America, as well as touring Asia and played five shows across the Middle East including multiple shows in Afghanistan for the Australian Defence Forces in 2013.

Bliss n Eso have shared the stage with the likes of G-Unit, Lil Jon, as well as having played the festival circuit international and throughout Australia. Following massive Australia and New Zealand tours, Bliss n Eso are returning to Canada later this month for a dozen plus tour date schedule.

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Australia’s Kerser And Ghosts In The Room Team Up With Future And Young Buck

TheSource Feed - Tue, 09/05/2017 - 9:55am

One of the biggest Hip-Hop collaborations in recent years between America and Australia was released last week by Australian producer Ghosts in the Room featuring Kerser, Future and Young Buck of G-Unit on ABK RECORDS via ADA/Warner Music Australia. The 4-minute offering has already proved successful, charting highly on iTunes, trending on YouTube and being shared widely across social media. “Total Concentration” helps to position Kerser as a strong contender to be one of the first Australian solo rappers to be able to fully break the mainstream American music market.

Ghosts in the Room himself is a Hip-Hop producer from Australia’s capital Canberra of Mudd Music who has been producing beats since the early 2000s and cites The Alchemist, RZA and Just Blaze as key musical influences. Ghosts In The Room has worked previously with Iron Solomon, Kool G Rap, Okwerdz, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Bishop Lamont, Big Pooh, Mistah F.A.B., Block McCloud of Army Of The Pharaohs, Ras Kass, Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq plus a stack of talented locals over the last few years.

Kerser is currently preparing his seventh album in seven years and his accompanying Deadset 7, proving to be one of the most prolifically successful rappers Australia has seen, as well as further developing his ABK RECORDS with brother and rapper RATES and Jay UF. With little to no mainstream media push, Kerser has established from the ground up a unique and die-hard fan base that continues to catapult the Campbelltown (south-west Sydney) emcee from a celebrated battle rapper to the star that he is today.

Future is heading back down under to tour Australia and New Zealand later this month for a string of already sold out festival dates, before jetting back off to Europe to continue his world Future Hndrxx Tour. The award winning Young Buck of G-Unit continues to release new music to critical acclaim and collaborating with artists such as these three undoubtedly introduces himself to old and newer audiences alike.

The single’s artwork was developed by Perth artist Paul Deej and engineered largely by Sydney’s MixedByEspa, giving the overall project a strong Australian connection. Ghosts in the Room’s “Total Concentration” (feat. Kerser, Future, Young Buck) is available across all the usual online platforms and can be checked out below along with the two most recent solo Kerser films clips, executed by esteemed Australian videographer / DJ Heata of 1984 Films and Hired Goons.

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